Things to Do and Goings-on

So, with the weather getting nicer and the days getting longer, we’re looking forward to getting some things done around here. Let’s see what needs doing:

– Finish the back porch. I still have to put up the railings and an overhang (we’re sick of getting wet every time we open the door to let in/out the pets.) I’m also going to re-stain. The last color was too orange and it’s already worn down to bare wood in some places.

– Build a front porch. A little smaller than the back porch, but basically the same design. No overhang, though.

– Yard work. Clean out some brush and small trees. A whole lot of leaf clean-up. Some old junk by the shed that needs to get tossed.

– Garden fencing and chicken pen fencing. Both need better posts, they’re sagging in places.

– Coat the roof.

– Build flower beds in the front of the house.

– Get a new shed up. The old one isn’t big enough and it’s falling apart. Plus, we want to get rid of our storage unit.

– Some interior house work. We want to paint all the rooms, put down new linoleum, fix the window trim, put in a new kitchen sink…I’m sure there’s more.

And what’s going on:

– Meat chickens coming end of March/beginning of April. This’ll be the first time we’ve kept meat birds.

– Layers coming in May. Finally, our own eggs again!

– Getting the garden planted.

– Possibly keeping rabbits. We still talking about this, not sure if it’ll happen.

– Possibly beekeeping. I’ve contacted a local association and will be meeting with one of the members soon to see his hives, ask questions, get a feel for it. More updates on this adventure will be forthcoming.

I’m sure there’s more and HH will ask me to update, but that’s the bulk of it. I hope everyone out there is well and getting geared up for spring! Peace.


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1 Response to Things to Do and Goings-on

  1. Maggie says:

    Sounds like you have a few things to keep you busy! It’s good practice for the day when you have a farm – the list of “to do’s” always is a mile longer than the list of “done’s!”

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