Bad News

Today Wolf and I got some bad news: we owe on our taxes.

I can’t even express the amount of frustration and rage I feel right now. Every year we get money back which we’ve come to rely on. This year, however we owe $800 because of last year. Not anything we did (or didn’t do) but because of the stimulus package Obama (and $hrub) put forth. I’m really fucking pissed that the money we got last year fucked up our taxes for this year. Had I known that would happen I would sent the money back to Uncle $am.

Believe me when I say I went apeshit when Wolf told me. There was screaming and some crying. There was me saying “fuck the government. We’re not paying. They don’t need $800 from us to spend on a war or health care for senators and congresspersons but not me. Fuck them. Fuck them all to hell.”

The worst part is we have to seriously consider (again) finding Athena a new home. I can’t fathom having to do so but we spend so much money on her daycare it’s killing us financially. Over $200 a month goes to the petsitter and doggie daycare. We’re out of the house so much leaving her in the crate is just not humane. We could spend that money on our other bills which just seem to never, ever stop (nor do the phone calls) and be out of debt sooner (as in when we’re dead).

I did tell Wolf to never mind the CSA but he still wants to do it so I guess we’re going to.

The good news is Wolf paid off the car this weekend. That’s $100/month we can put toward something else. He says his surgery will be paid off in one or two more payments (another $100/month) then we can focus on my medical bills ($1500 about $25/month) and maybe pay off our vacation and the fucking greedy government.

(I don’t have a problem paying taxes but I do have a problem when they pretend to be helping us out one year just to fuck us the next. And I don’t want to be paying for the murder of human beings — ie the War — nor for government employees to get pissa health insurance while we have crappy insurance. Certainly I’ll pay for everyone to have access to good, quality health care but not for a select few.)

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4 Responses to Bad News

  1. peppylady says:

    I also get ticked on how the government manages their money. Mostly when it comes to the foreign policies. Last Tax Season (08) we had to pay in. I could go on about the stimulus money and where it came from but I won’t.

    I’ll bring you a little joyful news. I saw a mountain blue bird. Ok I don’t know what kind of news this is. I have a picture of my 2 great grand pappy post of on my blog and he was born in New Hampshire.

    Coffee is on.

  2. I’m terrified of what’ll happen with our taxes this year. I’m in Canada, but it’s been such a hard year on us financially. I lost my job in August, was put on social assistance until recently, and with both a big move and the wedding upon us, it’s scary stuff! I hope everything balances out for you and that you can keep Athena. It’s so hard wanting to provide for someone you love with such hard times.

  3. Howling Hill says:

    Peppy: how they mismanage it. Certainly Uncle $am can spend billions on a fucking war but not on health care. I guess it’s ok to kill people but not make them healthy.

    In Among: thanks for stopping by and commenting. How did you find Howling Hill?

    It’s been a terrible 4 years for us. All I can think of is getting out of this debt and I can’t imagine how that’s going to happen.

  4. jayedee says:

    “I don’t have a problem paying taxes but I do have a problem when they pretend to be helping us out one year just to fuck us the next.”

    may i just say AMEN?!

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