Dirt! The Movie

Wolf and sat down and watched Dirt! The Movie tonight. As expected it was awesome.

What it really brought home to Wolf and I is how little we know about soil. Certainly we know the basics like to rotate crops but anything intricate we don’t understand. I’ve asked him to do some research and reading so we can get our soil (which we bought) to work better for us.

Honestly, I think it’s why our Three Sisters has never really worked out. (Here’s the three sisters in the beginning stages) This year I’m not planting in the three sisters method because of past failures (though not really failures. Brain is not working correctly regarding word retrieval).

How good can one’s soil be, even if it is organic, if there’s little insect life *inside* the soil? I’ve considered buying worms and bugs but I don’t want to choose an organism that’s harmful to our environment. That is, ones not indigenous to New Hampshire. Since we’ve never seen worms in our garden I asked the Gitch’s to dig some up for us which they obliged us last year. I asked for more worms this year as a way to introduce them to our garden.

Any suggestions?

On a final note, my heroine was in the movie. I was so happy to see her and her organization. I told Wolf the next animal we get (that we don’t plan on culling) we’re naming वन्दना शिवा. I totally love her.

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One Response to Dirt! The Movie

  1. Either mulch with leaves or till them into the soil…the worms will come. If you mulch with them, run over them with the lawnmower first to chop them up. If the food is there, they’ll come to eat it!

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