Progressing Season

Spring is progressing right along. The tulips and daffodils are in full bloom. I got a little worried they wouldn’t bloom because we got a late snow (about 1/2 inch) then a few days of cold, raw weather. The flowers had budded but not opened prior to the snow. Now they are glorious.

The garden is doing ok. The leeks have not come up but the rest has: spinach, cabbage, and garlic. Later in the week when Moon goes full Wolf will be putting in the potatoes and onions. He was going to do so when Moon was new but that’s when it snowed.

Last night at the Sustainable Sustenance a woman from White River Junction came down and spoke to us about Transition Culture of which WRJ is participating. It seemed like a pretty cool grassroots micro-movement. There’s a movie you can watch on your computer if you’d like to learn more.

Howling Hill now has 12 Cinnamon Queen chickens.  The ladies are still pretty young (most don’t have combs) so we won’t be getting eggs for a while yet but it’s nice to have chickens. Wolf and I didn’t realize how much we missed having them.

On a related note, here’s a PDF on straw bale gardening. I haven’t read it but one of my Sustainable buddies has and recommended it. Unrelated, my allergies have started again. Having to sit in the house on a beautiful day with the windows and doors closed is torture but I don’t want the pollen in the house.

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