Wolf picked up this awesome Indian recipe book a couple months back. Every recipe we’ve tried has been *fantastic*! There is, however, on small problem: access to Indian spices. A lot of times we have to skip a key ingredient because access to said spice is nonexistant here in central NH. It’s the same with African spices (we have a great African recipe book too).

I googled around and found this website. I’d like to do some spice ordering but I want to make sure the spices (and herbs) are non-GMO and ethically harvested and traded. Does anyone know where I can find an online market which meets those needs?

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  1. Annette says:

    Oy, when you find one, let me know. Sad that I am not more help. =(

  2. Chan says:

    What kinds of spices are you looking for? For example fennugreek seeds and powder can be found at an Islamic store but if looking for berebere (a traditional Ethiopian spice) – that is actually a blend of 17 pretty commonly used spices one can get at most grocery stores. I have a great recipe.

    I don’t know about ordering many things online as we have many Islamic markets and African food stores in our city. My new guy introduced me to all of this. I finally dumped Vernons butt after years of “not going anywhere”. :)

    Sorry I couldn’t help more. . .but perhaps either the lady who owns Gamil’s in Concord or the Islamic Society of Greater Manchester can help. Phone numbers: Gamils: 225-5600 ISGM: 644-0939

    Good luck and let me know if you need help identifying stuff!

  3. Howling Hill says:

    Annette: I shall.

    Chan: good to see you back! I hadn’t thought to call Gamil’s or ISGM. Great ideas!

    Coming back anytime soon?

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