Blue Skies Whole Foods Bristol, New Hampshire

This morning I took my ever faithful companion on a hike up at the Elwell Trail in Alexandria. Athena got herself good and tired chasing sticks up the side of mountains and got pretty muddy. Oh, to live the life of a pampered pooch! I’ll post pictures later.

On the way back I stopped at Blue Skies Whole Foods. I’d been in there once before but not since they moved buildings last year. I put the store in the back of my mind but didn’t think about it until a few weeks ago when Wolf and I were talking about bulk buying. We really want to stop buying small bits of rice, beans, and flour so we’ve been throwing the idea of bulk buying around. There’s a couple things from keeping us from doing so. First, space. The trailer on HH is so damned small we’ve used every available square inch. We need to get rid of some stuff (like Wolf’s comic books — excuse me, graphic novels — since he doesn’t read them anymore) and then he can take apart part of his desk to create more room in the computer room. Otherwise there isn’t much space for us to create. So where would we put all this rice, flour, and beans? Second we have to determine if we eat enough of each to make buying in bulk worth it. We bought a 25 pound bag of rice last year and I don’t think we’re half through it yet. I’m not keen on buying 25lb of red beans, 25lb of white beans, 25lb of whatever beans so I have to ask Sarah if it’s possible to buy smaller bags because I want a variety of beans (and maybe rice).

Any suggestions on bulk buying? It’s not something either of us has done before so I’d appreciate your comments.

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One Response to Blue Skies Whole Foods Bristol, New Hampshire

  1. M,

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the weather.

    I would suggest to you to keep track of the amounts of the items you are considering purchasing in bulk. 6 months might be a good starting point. Then at the end of 6 months you will know exactly how much of what you truly are using.

    It does you no good to buy in bulk if you are not eating it, it will go bad ove time.

    How about the health food store in Laconia, they have bags of most everything in 1# bags, but if you call they will make you a 5# (?) bag if that is what you want, to save on the packaging…

    …also if you don’t have the space, you don’t have the space, where are you going to store it to keep it cool and dry? I would work that part out first.

    ….what are the reasons why you want to buy in bulk? To save trips to the store, to get a better price per pound, to be prepared?


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