Unnecessary Technology

Molly, a Quaker, a peace activist, a supporter of democracy, sustainable liver, land lover, and health care advocate on the verge of graduating nursing school, was shot in the face in her home. That beautiful, full smile will no longer sparkle. It was shot. No longer will she breathe, she was shot. In the face. In her home.

A bullet bought legally was placed into a legally owed and registered gun. It ended the life of a beautiful person. A person with hate in his heart was able to obtain a gun and some bullets and end the life of another. So the murder of Molly Hawthorne MacDougal was illegal but the gun and bullets were not. The United States allows people — good people, bad people — the right to own guns. To own bullets. To end the life.

In New Hampshire everyone has a gun. Gun shops are on every corner. It frightens to me to know my neighbors all have guns (I hear them “practicing” all the time) and that some of my readers have them, use them, end life with them. It bothers me my own husband has held a gun and shot it, ending the life of a rabbit. If you want to hunt or “protect” your property, learn to use a bow and arrow. That technology worked fine for thousands of years. Lazy people have guns.

Guns serve no useful purpose except to intimidate and cause fear. Guns should be outlawed. Guns should not be manufactured and the ones that already exist should be destroyed. Bullets should not exist. I have felt like this for many, many years and now, after the loss of a colleague, that belief is more deeply entrenched in my soul and my spirit than ever before.

A knock on Molly’s door, she opened it with that glorious smile invited the person in and then was shot. In the face. In her home. By a legally bought gun and bullet.

her obit

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4 Responses to Unnecessary Technology

  1. That is devastating. I am so sorry for your loss and completely agree with you. Just… there are no words.

  2. Feithline says:

    We have a lot of guns here in Canada, too, but for the most part, they’re for hunting which is a huge part of our culture, especially in the North. Handguns, though? No one I know owns handguns. No one. It’s just not a part of our culture to keep handguns. A fact for which I’m eternally grateful.

    This was stunning in it’s sadness. I’m sorry.

  3. Howling Hill says:

    Thank you both so much!

  4. I was very upset to hear about this on the news the other night. The world is full of crazy people its true.

    I also think its not a gun who kills, its the person behind the gun. Bullets and guns are tools and like any tool bow & arrow, knife or even a stone used wrong they kill.

    I am sure happy we had a gun not to long ago when a coyote was chasing down our horse. I am glad there were guns when our country was founded and our ancestors fought for our freedom.

    Its true something needs to be done about them but taking them away from those who use them as they should be will only leave them in the hands of those who should not have them.

    Truly sad for which I have no answer for.

    Hope you are enjoying the spring season, and how are the pesky black flies over your way? Here they are thick!


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