For Sale

Howling Hill is going up for sale. If you (or anyone you know) is looking for a small homestead, please consider purchasing HH.

HH is a 700 square foot mobile home on 1 acre. It’s surrounded by pine trees making the lot very private. I can walk around naked and no one would know!

There are wild blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries all over the property. I have many perennials planted which come up in the spring. Wildlife abounds here: squirrels, chipmunks, raccoon, deer, moose, hawks, bluejays, cardinals, robins, turkeys, quail (on occasion), and lots more I can’t think of.

It’s close to the snowmobile trails if you enjoy snowmobiling. It sits between Newfound and Webster Lakes for summer and winter fun.

There have been lots of updates here: a deck off the back of the trailer, doors and windows, water heater, bathtub, stove, fridge. We’ll be doing some stuff this weekend to continue to get the trailer ready to be put on the market in the next couple weeks.

Wolf and I are sad to leave but family stuff in Massachusetts is calling us. It’s a call we must heed.

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