Purging, Purging, Purging

So we’ve been purging the trailer and the storage unit for the last week. Today, however, we got rid of some big stuff in the storage unit so we can put more stuff in it. Eric and Eric Jr. gave us a hand and a truck. Thanks guys!

Initially we asked Wolf’s mother if we could move in. One of Agnes’ requirements for us living there was to re-home all our pets. Finding Athena a new home has been horribly difficult for us emotionally. The idea of having to re-home Harley and Francesca was not something either Wolf nor I could fathom. So I asked Universe for a way to keep the cats. A day later Charlie said no to our request. Thus we won’t be moving in with them. This means we don’t know where we are moving but we’re not worried about that for the now.

Yesterday I spent the early morning sending my resume and cover letter into 10 different places. Today we continue to purge. Tomorrow will be a yard sale then dinner with my cousin and his wife. Some much needed down time on Monday I think.

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