Garden Update

Lizzie Lane Farm asked how the garden was doing. That’s when I realized I hadn’t been talking about the garden at all. I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it! I’ve been so caught up in all the other stuff going on it just slipped my mind to write about it.

In January I wrote about the order we placed to High Mowing. The order came in the following month. The excitement Wolf and I felt slowly petered off until it was nearly non-existent because of the decision to move.

We didn’t plant that much this year. Wolf put in spinach, leeks, horseradish, cabbage, 2 kinds of potato, garlic, and onions. The rest of the seed order has been packed away waiting for a garden in another location.

The leeks never made any sort of appearance. I don’t know what happened to the seeds but they just never did anything. On the other hand, the spinach is doing quite well. I was able to pull some leaves today for tonight’s dinner.

The horseradish is in a bucket and doing quite well.

The cabbage is coming along fine so are the potatoes, garlic, and onions. Everything is growing at its own pace. All of it is thriving and I’m quite pleased.

In other farming news, the chickens are laying up a storm. Got 9 eggs today! W00t w00t!

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