BP Oil Spill

I haven’t said a word about the oil spill because all I really have to say is “sucky.” I feel helpless like my good blogging friend Noelle. When I read her latest post I something occurred to me when looking at the picture she posted.

What occurred to me had noting to do with the two people with the gas pump, rather it was the flower logo in the back.

Do you see how it starts out white in the center then goes outward to green? Isn’t that kinda like the oil spill now? It started in one spot and now it’s moving outward and negatively affecting other areas of the world. Certainly it can be looked upon as a flower but I think we should be looking upon the logo as an oil spill in itself. It’s as if the logo has been promising this catastrophe has been coming for a long time, or at least since the logo was designed.

That brings me to another point, using petroleum products as a fertilizer. By doing so have chemical companies been spreading outward the toxins from the ground, air, water, and plant to each individual human who ingests it? I think so.

So I think BP has been promising spills and toxins for a long while, we just haven’t looked at their logo with the right frame of mind. We shouldn’t be seeing a flower-like image, we should be seeing a spill. A very big, nasty spill which, from what I understand, BP isn’t really doing anything about.

Seems to me it’s time to 1. hold all oil companies responsible for the cleanup of their messes 2. start seriously looking into alternative ways to fuel our society and 3. give up our addiction to petroleum and cars.

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One Response to BP Oil Spill

  1. Noelle says:

    I wish I had the technical knowledge to re-draw the logo that way. It actually took me a little while to sort through real logos and fake ones to find one that seemed right for the mood.

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