Hot Line

Wolf and I continue to clean the trailer and purging lots of stuff I didn’t know we had. Honestly, I’m surprised at how much we managed to store in this trailer. Kinda frightening actually.

One of the things I came across was a 45 of The Sylvers “Hot Line.” I’ve kept it with me through more moves than I can count despite not having a record player and knowing, KNOWING, the record is so scratched it can’t be played. The question begs to be asked: Why have I kept it all these years?

Sentimental value. Linda and Laurel, my red-headed twin maternal aunts, gave to me when I was a toddler because I *loved* LOVED LOVED LOVED the song. I would shake my four year old bootie around as I sang the chorus, bopping around the house in my underwear.

I threw away the 45 because it was a little ridiculous for me to be carting around a record, the first record I ever owned!, I knew I couldn’t play. I wrote down the name of the band and the song so I could listen to it on YouTube. Ah, YouTube, how did we ever survive without you?

Oh how I wished my hair could be in a perfect afro halo! How I wished I had siblings to sing and dance with like Donnie and Marie, The Jackson 5, The Partridge Family, and, of course, The Sylvers!

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