Hugs, DawnMarie

Many of you know I participate in the Local Foods Plymouth style of buying local foods. What you probably don’t realize is to pay for my local yummies I have to do so through Paypal.

Last week I logged into LFP for the first time in a while. Wolf and I hadn’t been purchasing through them because to get up there in the winter (Plymouth is about 30-45 minutes north) can be a bitch when the weather is bad. And once something is no longer part of our routine we just don’t do it anymore. However, with the start of the farmers markets around these parts it got me wanting my LFP goodies so I bought a bunch of things. To do so, I transferred some money into my Paypal account and made my purchases. Then I realized Paypal takes the money right out of my checking account so the money I transferred wasn’t necessary. I considered “free money” and went to Etsy to buy me some Into the Dawn jewelry. I’ve been wanting to buy some of her accessories for a long, long time I just couldn’t create the space in my checking account till now. Not that DawnMarie is expensive, she’s very reasonably priced, it’s just our budget has been super tight lately.

I got me the Reversible Heart Pendant. She put a note in with the jewelry which she signed “Hugs, DawnMarie.” How many jewelry companies would write a personal note with such love? Not many! Certainly not Tiffany’s or any other fancy place. I totally can’t wait to wear it so I can share the love she put into the jewelry with everyone who sees it!

You can see the rest of DawnMarie’s handmade goodness at her Etsy shop.

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3 Responses to Hugs, DawnMarie

  1. IntotheDawn says:

    I was so excited to see that it was you who purchased the Reversible Hearts set! I hope, with there being 2 different designs, that you are able to wear them with a wide variety of outfits, for a long time. Thank you again for thinking of my shop when you were looking to spend a little bit of fun money. {{More hugs!}} Enjoy the set!

  2. Howling Hill says:

    On Friday I’m going to see Sex in the City 2 with a friend. I’m going to wear it that night. I’m not sure which side I’ll wear out but I’m thinking the heart side to show my love!

  3. Oh’ how pretty. Thank you for sharing the link. I love the style and hope one day she will have a piece with a corn maiden. I haven’t had a new one is so many years now.

    Glad you are catching up on your writing and things are going well.


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