First CSA

Yesterday was the first day of the Local Harvest CSA Wolf and I signed up for. I really should let him explain the process since he went and I didn’t but he’s at work so I’ll try to remember what he said.

The line was divided in two by the alphabet. A-I (or whatever) was at one table and the rest of the alphabet was at the other. There was some confusion with his name which took a minute to sort out. He was listed with his first name and my last name (we have different last names). When they finally got his last name sorted out they realized they spelled it wrong. Once that was all fixed Wolf went through the process.

He brought his own box to put the CSA in. It’s a box I got a couple years back when I got a buttload of jars from Freecycle. The box itself isn’t pictured here but you get the gist of just how many I got. Anyways, he went to the tables and picked one of each: bok choy, spinach, red leaf lettuce, and two tomatoes. Then he went to the next table and picked on plant (the purple basil). Lastly he sauntered over to the last table and got a loaf of bread. He said he didn’t utilize the swap table because he didn’t feel the need to.

Because Wolf brought home so many greens we’ll be eating them until we’re green ourselves. All lunches and dinners will have some sort of green in it, if not a salad.

Today is farmers market day. I will be heading up to Plymouth for the Plymouth Farmers Market/Local Foods Plymouth then over to Laconia for the market there. Thursdays have become my favorite day!

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2 Responses to First CSA

  1. peppylady says:

    I don’t think there anything like that here. Once year they have a take it or leave it day.
    But the closes thing I know some of nicer farmers will let you glean their fields and one year I did it and got quite a few potatoes.

    Coffee is on

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