Plymouth and Laconia Markets

Thursday has become my favorite day of the week, though Wednesday vies for first place. Wednesday, of course, is CSA day while Thursday is Farmers Markets day. I posted about our First CSA already so I won’t rehash it. But I will tell you about yesterdays FM.


My routine is to head up to Plymouth first. There’s no particular reason for this, I just do. I get my LFP order (though this week I effed up and forgot to place it) then walk around to buy other yummies such as cookies from the cookie lady (6 for $5), veggies from the veggie people (carrots: $3/bunch). Sometimes I get bacon from The Gitchiers but Doreen often doesn’t have any (she sells out of it fast!).

Because I forgot to put in my LFP order I couldn’t get the yummy mozzarella cheese I like and had to buy milk from Robie Farm (which is where the milk comes from anyway). I get a 1/2 gallon of raw milk (full fat thank you) for $3.50.

I was trailing behind this group of women the whole time I was there because they went to the same booths as me (except Doreen’s). I thought this kid was cute the way he kept staring at me.

After the Plymouth Market I head down to Laconia for their market. Yesterday I got four pork chops from Maggie Mae Farm, some strawberries ($5.50) and a cucumber ($1) from Surowiec Farm, and a bunch of radishes ($1) and some broccoli ($.50) from another farmer whose name I don’t remember. I also got some lamb kabobs for $7, again I don’t remember the name of the farm.

Once I got home with all the yummies Wolf already had dinner going. He made a salad from the greens we got from the CSA plus some of the veggies from yesterday’s market, along with some grocery store peppers. He made blue cheese dressing (our favorite).

His salad is in front of the picture, mine in the back. I’m not a big fan of cukes so he doesn’t put them onto my plate. Oddly, though, I love pickles.

Dinner was chicken (from the store) stuffed with Bousin cheese, spinach, and beet greens. I cannot tell you how yummy it was. My one minor critique was to request more cheese put in the next time and Wolf’s only critique of his main dish was not to use a green which weeps red. He said it made it difficult to determine if the chicken was done.

Fridays are Pizza Fridays here on Howling Hill. Wolf said he’s going to try something new tonight regarding the pizza. I can tell you it’ll have greens on it!

Sorry the pictures didn’t come out very clear. I used my phone to take the market pictures. It’s kinda hard for me to determine clarity with it.

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