Pizza Friday

Every Friday Wolf makes pizza for dinner. This is a tradition from when he was growing up he wanted to continue and I’m always game for pizza.

For the last couple years it’s been a tradition(ish) pizza. My side has goat cheese and onions because mozzarella upsets my tummy. His side is mozzarella with some sort of meat. There’s always red sauce which I make from scratch however we ran out of red sauce. I didn’t want to make anymore since we’re moving so we’ve been putting plain tomato down and it’s been yummy.

Now that the CSA has started to come in we decided to become a little more adventurous with the pizza. I found a recipe at A Serving of Life for spinach feta pizza. Wolf modified the recipe somewhat to accommodate what we have in the fridge.

The pizza dough is from the store. The tomatoes from the CSA.

Spinach from the CSA

Mozzarella from the store (my fault because I forgot to place the LFP order. D’oah!)

Goat cheese from Twillingate Farm in Gilmanton. Garlic scapes from the Laconia Farmers Market. Olive oil from the store.

Finished product.

Overall it was a very, very good pizza but Wolf and I agreed it was a little bland so next time he said he’d put some garlic powder on it. He did add Parmesan cheese to his and it’s something I’ll consider for next week.

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2 Responses to Pizza Friday

  1. Mandy says:

    Looks great!

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