CSA and Local Foods On My Plate

The last few days Wolf and I have been enjoying all kinds of local yummies. We find breakfast is the easiest meal to keep local because we have the same thing almost every day: bacon, eggs, toast. We’ve added some greens to our morning meal.

Eggs from our chickens, bacon from Gitch’s Funny Farm, bread (marble rye) and spinach from the CSA.

Same thing with this morning’s breakfast.

Instead of spinach I fried up a couple small radishes and their greens. I’m not a huge fan of radishes but I’m making an effort to learn to like them. I got them from the Laconia Market last week.

Last night for dinner Wolf made an Indian dish with the spinach and beat greens we had left. The dish contained the above greens, potatoes (store), and a bunch of herbs and spices (store) including ginger, garam masala, mustard seed, and, … um… I forget what else. Sorry, no picture. It was pretty yummy.

Tonight we’re having bok choy from the CSA and chicken from the store.

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