I Don’t Know. Ya Know?

Ray, a friend of Wolf’s, had this girlfriend named Laura. Wolf and I didn’t like her for a variety of reasons. One oh so tiny reason was her inability to effectively communicate.

Me: The sky is a beautiful blue today!
Laura: I don’t know. Ya know?

Often Wolf and I wanted to grab her by the shoulders and shake her while screaming “NO I DON’T KNOW!!!!” It was so irritating because she ended every sentence like this.

Me: how are you today?
Laura: I don’t know, ya know?

If you didn’t interrupt her she’d just keep going back and forth “I don’t know, ya know? I don’t know, ya know?” over and over and over.

Thankfully Ray and Laura broke up. She can torture other people with her ineffective communication.

The reason I bring this up is I’m channeling Laura. For the last bunch of months I’ve been wanting to change the theme here on Howling Hill but I can’t seem to find any I love. There are a few that are ok but nothing outstanding.

When it comes to blog themes I like them to be almost minimalistic. I do not like cluttered blogs. If a blog is too cluttered I won’t read it. I tend to like two columns but three is ok. I don’t like the theme to be too narrow nor do I want the links to take one’s eye away from the content of the blog. So, in short, I’m really, really picky about the theme.

I like Nancy Pearl Wannabe’s, The Modern Gal’s, Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking but I certainly don’t want to “copy” someone else’s. I wish I had the money to ask someone to design a theme for me because I have a decent idea of how I’d like it to look.

I suppose it doesn’t matter much. If you read HH the way I read other blogs — that is, on Google Reader — you don’t see the template to begin with. But I feel like HH’s theme has gotten stale.

What say you?

(And be honest. Brutally.)

Edited to add: Yea, I changed it. What do you think?

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4 Responses to I Don’t Know. Ya Know?

  1. Seems like you are moving right along with your plans. Ya’ know we too have several friends who say this all the time or ” yous guys” and it drives me bonkers! I try to pretend I didn’t hear it but after about an hour or so…

    The pizza looks tasty! How is that puppy doing these days?



  2. Howling Hill says:

    I say “you guys” and I annoy myself but it’s such a hard habit to break!

    Athena went to a new home. I’m crushed.

  3. Kate says:

    Thank you HH for the props! I tend to like a simple, clean look, just as you described. I like the simple green you’ve got going.

    Blogs take a ton of time and energy, none of which I seem to have lately. I have a grand plan for what my blog will look like someday, but for now, I trudge forth with the best of the theme options I had at hand. (p.s. I do Squarespace, which a bunch of different themes available)

  4. Howling Hill says:

    Kate: thanks for stopping by and letting me know which theme you use.

    Now that I’m done with school and sans work I have more time to blog again. That time will evaporate when I’m working full time.

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