CSA Spotlight: Abigail’s Bakery

Last night I realized I hadn’t written about any of the farms where my CSA comes from so I thought I’d start today.

Local Harvest NH is the CSA we signed up for. We got the single share with a loaf of bread. (PDF).

The loaf of bread we got with Week 1 was marble rye from Abigail’s Bakery. I really don’t like rye bread but because it was CSA, and because my new attitude is “try it”, I got over myself and ate the bread. I still don’t like rye bread but since it was a mild rye I ate it without any nose wrinkling. I told Wolf if the weekly bread is ever a pumpernickel rye to leave it if he won’t eat the whole loaf because pumpernickel is just way too strong a rye for me. Wolf will pick up this week’s loaf today (he forgot it yesterday).

The About page on their website let me know their values are my values

Our recipes for organic whole grain breads have been handed down through three family generations of bakers. We strive to promote a clean environment and a clean lifestyle. Our stand to promote and teach about the importance of this lifestyle goes into each hearty loaf of bread we bake.

I look forward to move loaves of bread from Abigail’s Bakery. If we hadn’t already signed up for the CSA I would’ve seriously considered the bread of the week plan they offer.

It seems now that I’m ready to leave NH I’m finding all these cottage businesses who share my values. Why didn’t I find them when I first moved here in 2002? I was looking, believe me I was!

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