Free Pass

NPW posted about the men on her “free pass” list. While this idea may sound strange, Wolf and I have kept our own seperate lists since when we started dating.

My list tends to change more than Wolf’s does. Every few years someone comes on or off my list. For instance, the guy who played in xXx was number one on my list until he dorked out. Now I’m not interested.

Here’s my current list. Just remember it’s in no particular order and may change without notification.

Cesar Milan is just…tasty. There’s nothing I find sexier than a man who can control a pack of dogs, speaks with a Mexican accent, and is an animal activist. Sure I watch his show to learn how to handle dogs, but truth be told, that’s the second reason I watch it.

Picture from here.

Rodrigo Santoro has been on my list since I first saw him in Love Actually as the enigmatic Karl. He’s been in other movies including 300 (I didn’t see it, I hate those kinds of movies) and Charlie’s Angels (I did see that. It was ok at best) and a bunch others I haven’t seen.

Look at that smile and how warm his eyes are. The scruffiness of his beard is charming. It makes me want to … something. And his chest, omigod, his chest and legs in Love Actually. Droooooool. I’m thinking I need to watch this movie again today just so I can remember how effing hot he really is.

Picture from here.

Next up is Mark Feuerstein. He made his appearance on Sex in the City’s episode “They Shoot Single People Don’t They?” as one of Miranda’s lovers. He then appeared as the lawyer in In Her Shoes. I really liked that movie and totally wanted him to marry the girl of his dreams. I found it really heartwarming he didn’t want the flashy sister. And I totally want to run my hands through all that curly hair. I love playing with man-curls.

Here’s where the pic came from.

Did you think you were going to see a list of my five favorite guys without any Star Trek actors on it? Do you know me?
Actually, now that I think about you, my faithful readers, probably don’t know how much I love Star Trek. In the spirit of full disclosure I’m a big Star Trek fan. Not so big I go to conferences but big enough I wanted to be married in Vegas at Star Trek: The Experience. Wolf shot that idea down before I finished the sentence.

Anyway, Star Trek: Voyager is not one of my favorites from the Start Trek franchise but there were some really good episodes. I liked that Chakotay was part of the Maquis rebel forces. There’s nothing I love more than a rebel! Especially one who has a clue and is pure of heart. Do those kinds of rebels exist in real life? Or only in myth and fiction?

Robert Beltran has that quiet sexiness that I find so very attractive. His eyes say so much more than this mouth. There’s something about him that makes me want to snuggle close to him. He just seems like he’d be a really warm guy, funny and witty. But who knows?

Here’s the picture source.

Last on my list is Morris Chestnut. You’ve seen him on in movies like Ladder 49 and TV shows such as Bones’ episode “The Man in the Wall”. He’s got the warm brown eyes, the white, perfect teeth, and the strong chest. He’s a little tall for me but that’s ok. It’s only one night I get to spend with him.

Picture source.

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