Laconia Bike Week 2010 Boob Shots

We all have those little widget things that tell us which words people searched that brought them to our blogs (well, I think most of us have them). There are some that I see every day: Howling Hill, easy triangle shawl, shaved head, moon tattoo, but this one is new

laconia bike week 2010 boob shots

Yea, cuz you’re gonna find a lot of boob shots on Howling Hill.

I mean, really people! Go visit a porn site if you’re looking for boob shots.

So I googled it myself and figured out how said search got here:

June 2010 << Howling Hill
Last week I posted about being up at 3am. Never in my life (or, not that I can remember … 45 minutes from Laconia, NH (Bike week, Winnipauskee, Winnisquam, and [. … American Holidays, Bad People, Beasts, Beauty Products, Boob Tube …

Of course by posting this I’m sure I’ll get more boners looking for boob shots. How disappointed they’ll all be!

*Ha! Get it?! And because I shot myself in the foot by posting this, I’m sure I’ll get hits on “boner” too.

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