Genetically Modified Salmon Coming to Your Table

Next Nature reports the FDA is considering whether to allow GM salmon to be consumed by fish eaters here in the US.

Thanks but no thanks.

It’s getting imperative we consumers become informed about where our food comes from. Going to the grocery store just isn’t safe anymore. I will not gamble the future of my health on some cockamamie science designed to undo millions of years of evolution just for the almighty buck. But asking the kid behind the fish counter (or in the vegetable aisle) isn’t going to help us. They don’t know where the food came from — or how it was produced — anymore than we do.

This means we’re going to have to stop eating certain foods unless we can access those foods fresh from a farmer, gardener, or fisher we know. It won’t be easy. It’ll mean having to learn to cook in completely different ways than we do now. It’ll mean we have to learn to eat different kinds of foods, and go without foods not in season. It’ll mean having to learn how to preserve our foods. It’ll take more time to procure because we’ll have to go from the farmers market to the fish market or meat market. But we’ll be healthier than our counterparts, and that, my dear reader, is well worth the extra time it’ll take to produce and procure food.

We are not mice to be experimented on.

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