CSA Week 4

Yesterday Wolf picked up the CSA for the fourth week. Like Sarah we’re having a hard time with the lettuce. We’re eating lots of honeymooner salads. You know, lettuce alone. (Get it? let-us alone! O I kill me!*). The other greens we’ve been using in a variety of manners including pizza, soup, smoothies (the idea I got from this lovely lady), and a leaf or two with my breakfast.

Wolf posted last week about the cooking he did with that weeks CSA. Mostly we were looking to use up the eight dozen eggs we have. He’ll be making a quiche or two this weekend. Anyone have freezing directions?

Anyways, this weeks CSA included tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, garlic, lettuce, and kale. This weeks bread was wheat. I think I may be forgetting something.

Tonight we’re having the zucchini that came in last week in a curry dish Wolf found in the Indian recipe book we got a few months back. Regarding this weeks zucchini, I don’t know what we’ll do with it. Maybe have it fried. I *love* fried zucchini! Or we could make it this way. We tried this out last week with some summer squash and it was effing yummy!

What did you do with your CSA?

Today is farmers market day. I’ll be heading up to Plymouth for LFP then down to Laconia. I ordered some bread, yogurt, and … um … I forget. In Laconia I’ll be picking up some lamb. We had the chops I picked up a few weeks ago. They were expensive for their size but very yummy. I don’t remember the name of the farm from which the lamb hails. I’ll get a card from them today if I remember.

*You can thank my Aunt Nancy for that little gem. I feel duty bound to pass it along.

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3 Responses to CSA Week 4

  1. darcey says:

    Yah- we’re swimming in lettuce too from our CSA. I like salad, but not that much!

  2. Howling Hill says:

    What are you doing with it all? How do you keep it from going limp?

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