Steamy New Hampshire Nights

For the last week it’s been unbearably hot here in central New Hampshire. Temperatures were in the high nineties. The humidity was intolerable. It’s rare that I wish for air conditioning but by Thursday I was begging for it (no, we didn’t get one). Thankfully it started to cool off a little on Friday. Saturday (yesterday) we got some blessed rain. Not a lot but enough to wet the ground and take the limp out of the garden. And me. The temperatures dropped significantly though it was overcast and humid. Still, though, I was a welcome break from that hot, hot, hot weather. (I don’t know how you southerns do it. I respect you for living where it seems to be perpetually hot.)

Since I quit my job I haven’t been leaving the house much. Mostly due to a lack of funds for gas, I’ve been home reading lots and trying to find the perfect mayo recipe. Getting out of the house has consisted of daily post office runs and going to the farmers markets on Thursdays. Otherwise I’ve been staring at the same four walls for a couple weeks now.

Needless to say I’m going a little nuts.

Yesterday Wolf and I were watching some Criminal Minds on TV during the day. Out of nowhere I said “Black Bear Moon is playing tonight at The Calm Post. Do you want to go?”

I could tell Wolf wanted to say no. We had bought the ice creme attachment for the Kitchen Aid which cost us more money than we should’ve of spent. To spend more money at The Calm Post really isn’t in our budget but I figured neither was the ice creme maker. I gave Wolf my puppy-dog eyes and he said yes though I could tell he said so to placate me. He’d had a tough week at work and just wanted to sit around and do a bunch of nothing.

We got up to The Calm Post at about 6:30, before Black Bear Moon started. We got in line to grab a bite to eat. The choice was veggie burger or (local) beef burger with either beans or salad. I chose the veggie burger with beans Wolf went with the beef and beans. Of course the food was amazingly yummy. I don’t know how the veggie burgers were made but they were very good and didn’t destroy my intestines like veggie burgers usually do. Wolf, on the other hand, regretted the beef burger as soon as he finished it. Wolf can’t eat beef but he does on occasion and always regrets it. He says he’s finally come to accept he cannot eat beef ever again, even if it’s local, organic, and hormone-free. He’s really sad about this because he loves beef.

Wolf and I noted how busy The Calm Post was. There were tons of people there and lots and lots of kids and dogs. We’ve seen it busy before but not like this. There were 100 people there last night, the biggest crowd we’ve seen. It took us only a few minutes to realize why: it was the end of the Baker River Appreciation Day.

We didn’t participate in the activities for one reason and one reason only. Despite getting the notice of the clean up the Baker River day, I ignored it. Not because I’m callous or don’t care but because I just didn’t have the space in my brain for it. I’ve been about resumes, cleaning the house to sell it, staying in to save on gas, reading, writing, and cooking. I saw the notices but never read them. They just didn’t grab my attention which had nothing to do with the organizers but to do with me and the busyness of my brain of late.

The Baker feeds into the Pemigewasset River which, of course, becomes the Merrimack River. The Merrimack is famous for being one of the most polluted rivers in the US thanks to the mill history of Franklin, Manchester, Lowell, Lawrence, before it flows through some of the fancy, rich towns including Andover, Newbury, and Newburyport before it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. According to the organizers, volunteers at yesterdays cleanup pulled 43 tires out of the Baker along with tons of other crap in an effort to clean up the watershed. I value the hard work of these volunteers and feel awful I didn’t participate. Instead, we took part in the festivities after the cleanup.

One thing I’ve been lamenting is how Wolf and I haven’t made that many connections here in central NH. But last night I realized we have made connections. At least three people came up to me and said “I see you around but I don’t know/remember your name.” There were others I knew: Josh, Regina, Betty Ann, and Bill all from D Acres. Melissa from LFP (who came with some local raspberries and blueberries which we devoured.), Lee Ann and her clan, Fred sans Fiona, and others. It reminded me of the people, attitudes and lifestyles I’m going to miss about living here in central New Hampshire and how there is a whole community of people I respect and care for.

Black Bear Moon got on stage and really got the crowd moving. The music was, of course, amazingly good. There were lots of hot guys dancing half naked which pleased me. After Black Bear Moon the Crunchy Western Boys took over the stage. For the first few songs BBM played with them. The two genres are not something I would’ve thought went well together but it was amazing! I totally loved hearing them play together. BBM left then it was all CWB. Wolf enjoyed himself despite the upset tummy. I too had a great time. It was much needed.

We got home about eleven last night and crashed. Today I feel tired but energized. So much will be missed when we move. But we’ll know we have good people to come back to when we’re ready to move back to this area.

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