Butter Making

So I made butter again this morning. It’s really quite easy.

Heavy cream (local, raw)
Salt to taste (optional)

Food processor
Rubber spatula

Put heavy cream into the food processor (the blender doesn’t really work in this recipe) and salt if you’re to use it. Process until butter and buttermilk seperate, about 2 minutes. Expect to see yellow butter. Really, it turns yellow.

Pour buttermilk into a glass. Put the butter in a bowl. Enjoy.

You can also make butter with an electric mixer, a fork, or a wisk. The latter two will take some time and energy. And it’ll be messy. Even with the food processor you have to be vigilant. The buttermilk started to ooze out of the processor while I was making it this morning.

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2 Responses to Butter Making

  1. Fun! For those who want to go low tech, put your cream in a quart glass canning jar, secure lid and shake, shake, shake….

    OR I’ll put it on the floor and roll it back and forth with my foot while reading! Nothing better than *real* homemade butter! Now get Wolf to make some yummy homemade bread for it! :)

  2. Howling Hill says:

    I’m gonna ask him to make butter cookies. We needed to use up this heavy cream before it went bad which is why I made the butter today. We’re getting more heavy cream in on Thursday from LFP so I can make ice creme!

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