And He Did It Again!

Last nights dinner was another of Wolf’s successes. Believe me when I tell you he has very few fails in the kitchen.

The pork chops were from Maggie Mae Farm which Wolf grilled. It’s taken him a while to learn to cook chops they way I like them, medium well, but he’s getting the hang of it without charring the meat. Even when I was a kid I wouldn’t eat it if it was “still pink.” There are some who say I don’t know how to eat meat but I don’t give a crap what they say. I like my meat cooked all the way through and if it isn’t, I don’t eat it.

Next up where grilled summer squash from our CSA. Wolf has never liked summer squash or zucchini, much to my chargrin!, but when he cooked the squash on the grill at the suggestion of Nourishing Words he began to like it. Love it even! I put goat cheese (not local) on mine though Wolf skipped that step.

No pork chop is complete without potato so Wolf grilled up three of the potatoes from the CSA. He threw some butter (or maybe oil, I forget) in the tin foil and cooked them while cooking the meat.

Lastly was a pea and tomato salad from a Mexican cookbook we have. I thought it was a cold salad which is why I chose it but it turned out to be cooked. He used the snow peas from the CSA along with the tomatoes and garlic. The onion wasn’t local though we do have some from our garden. I don’t know why he didn’t use them. The salad came out ok though I think it would’ve been better cold. Next time.

For dessert I had a piece of pound cake he made last week.

Wolf then started making ice creme. I can’t wait to try it tonight after a dinner of summer squash torte!

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