More Local Eats: Torte

I think I already mentioned I picked up a few new cookbooks, one of which is Mexican. Wolf and I are huge fans of Mexican food but, for some unknown reason, we didn’t own a cookbook detailing the yummiest of yum recipes. We’ve been picking through the recipes choosing ones which call for ingredients we have on hand from the CSA. Last night’s was a torte.

Now, I’m not a big fan of tortes. Basically tortes are quiches which are, essentially, omelets. I don’t like omelets. Don’t get me wrong, I like eggs, just not that much egg. But we had* a ton of eggs so I got over myself and ate the torte.

Wolf put some summer squash, carrots, tomatoes (all CSA) and some onions (not local) into the eggs with some flour and monterrey jack cheese (neither local). It wasn’t bad once I put some hot sauce on it. It’s not something I would request but if Wolf put it in front of me I’d eat it. He, on the other hand, loved it.

*In the last two days I’ve sold our surplus. First I sold some to our acupuncturist and her staff and then I sold some to our dentist and his staff. Yea!

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