Water from the Sky

Around these parts the water table has dropped significantly. We’ve been in a mini-drought. Gardens and farms around the area have been stressed from the lack of moisture. So believe me when I say we were glad for rain we got last night.

At first I thought Father Water was taunting us as he’s done for the last couple weeks. Dark clouds heavy with water would roll through but the water stayed in the sky. Maybe a few drops fell onto the parched ground but not enough. Last night around 6 it seemed the same would happen. But around 8 Sky opened up and poured down on us. It was a brief rain but soaking. By 9 it was raining again. Wolf and I went to bed amid the thunder and lightening.

This morning there’s a wetness to everything and a coolness to the air. My summer nightgown is too thin so I had to put on a tshirt and pants. There isn’t an ounce of humidity in the air. Wolf tells me it’ll be 80 degrees today, a nice change from the hot hot hot we’ve had the last few weeks.

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