There’s a new blog I found the other day which I’ve been enjoying. Silly Little Lady writes a knitting blog. Despite being a knitter I don’t read that many knitting blogs because I am still such a beginner and knitting blogs tend to be written by advanced knitters that I tend to get a little frustrated because I can’t knit with the same speed, accuracy, or skill they do. Basically, I get jealous. Jealously isn’t a good emotion so…

Silly Little Lady asked what we’re working on. I’ve started a blanket for Brett and Kody’s wedding in October. I don’t think we’ll be able to go (it’s in Texas) but still I wanted to make them something. At first I was going to make them a cable afghan but I couldn’t figure out how to cable. Then I was going to make them a Mayfair afghan but I couldn’t figure out the lace pattern so I KISS and create this striped afghan instead. It’s not anything spectacular but I’m hoping the plainness of it will be its brilliance.

I cast on 200 then seed stitched 20, knit 20, purl 20. I went back and forth until seed stitching 20 for the border. The yarn I used is Plymouth Yarn Encore Chunky in red. I’m doing it on 10inch circular needles. I’m on my fourth and last skein and it measures 40ish inches wide by 13 inches tall. I need (probably) another eight skeins to finish. It’ll have to wait until I come up with some more cash though.

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  1. I can’t wait to see the blanket when its done! Its looking good so far :)

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