Food, Food, Food, Food, Food, Food

Couldn’t come up with a wittier title. Sorry ’bout that.

My FIL went back into the hospital on Thursday so Wolf and I left Friday for his mother’s. We stayed Friday night, had lunch with friends Sarah and Sharon on Saturday afternoon, then visited my grandmother for a little bit before we came home Saturday night. Needless to say, we were exhausted when we got back. We watched a little Stargate then crashed for the night.

Because we were away we didn’t dive into our CSA like we usually do. Eating at MILs isn’t a local affair at all (though she does love to eat our eggs). I believe Sarah and Sharon prepared the Asian meal from their CSA (I don’t know the name of the farm share they use) so there was some local goodness in our bellies. But did Wolf I miss *our* fresh veggies something fierce!

Sunday proved to be a day of eating. First we had breakfast which was an omelet like thing. Since I don’t like omelets I don’t make them, thus I didn’t realize till yesterday there is a skill one must master in order to make a proper omelet. It had salsa Wolf made last week, which was very good, and some provolone cheese from the store.

After breakfast we went blackberry picking down in Old Hill. We got one quart of blackberries. There were lots of bright red ones just waiting to ripen so we’ll be going back every couple days to build our stockpile for the winter. Blackberries also grow wild here on HH so I have lots right in the yard. I’ve been picking off the bushes as the fruits ripen. Nothing beats a fresh picked blackberry!

Lunch was pizza made from local chard, tomatoes, and onions. The dough, feta, and goat cheese from the store. We ate the whole thing. That is, we both had four pieces of thick, chunky, vegetable laden pieces of pizza. I don’t know why Wolf was so hungry but I’ll blame mine on the MMs (menstrual munchies).

Wolf made an Indian curry containing potato, tomato, broccoli, and onion.It’s a meal we’ve eaten before and one we really, really like. Despite how much we like it I don’t think we should’ve eaten dinner at six after finishing lunch at 3p but we did and still our bellies weren’t satisfied. Or, rather, our brains weren’t satisfied.

Certainly we both should’ve been full by then but the MMs continued…dessert was ice cream Wolf made last week from local milk, eggs, and raspberries.

For the late night snack I homemade potato chips from local potatoes. This turned into a dangerous adventure when I nearly blinded myself. See that little green pepper in the corner of the plate? It was given to Wolf by a woman he works with. Since she only gave us a couple I asked Wolf to seed it so we can grow some next year. Wolf did as I asked and left the seeds on a paper towel on the counter. There was a little rind left on the seeds so, as the potatoes were frying, I pulled the seeds off the rind. Then I went back to the potatoes. About an hour later I stuck my finger in my eye to scratch it and oh the pain! I had to have Wolf wash my eye out with water because it burned so bad I thought I’d lose the sight in my good eye. I think the pepper in the eye was a pretty powerful way for the Universe to tell me to stop eating so I took the … hint and went to bed.

I swear all the eating stemmed from our bodies *craving* whole, nutritious food. Today I feel much better than I did yesterday. I feel as if I’ve gotten some nutrients into my body. I feel relatively rested. I feel more clear-headed than I did a few days ago.

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