Fat Yoga

Over the last few years I’ve written about my desire to practice yoga. I’ve never gotten around to it with any seriousness for a few reasons. First, I’m lazy. (Yes, I admit it.) Second, I’m really afraid of hurting myself. Third, because of number two I want to take a class. If you’ve been reading my blog long enough you’ll know money has been missing.

I’ve rented a couple discs over the years in attempts to loosen myself up however, the discs are not meant for anyone with any meat on their bones. This is one of the reasons I’ve not sought out a yoga class with any seriousness. I don’t want to walk into a studio and have a bunch of lithe people who can contort themselves while I’m sitting quietly in the back feeling like shit about myself because there is no way I can put my body into the pose the instructor wants.

Today I got proactive. I googled “fat yoga” and came across a link to this NYT article. It spoke to me directly.

“There are plenty of people teaching gymnast-style yoga,” said Ms. Weber, 44, whose Web site also features practitioners of varying ages and sizes and advertises series classes called Yoga for Real People and Yoga for Healthy Backs. “The demand will be for these underserved populations.”

It made me realize there are fat yogis and fat yoga teachers. And it made me feel included and unashamed.

But what really made me happy was finding this video on YouTube:

(Here’s the link to her website)

I did buy the video so I’m waiting for it to come in. I am very excited!

Now I’m trying to find a yoga class that has many bodies in mind, not just the acrobat (who in my opinion needs a good fried chicken meal. Organic, local, antibiotic and hormone free of course!). I sent an email off to one place in Boston but they haven’t gotten back to me.

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2 Responses to Fat Yoga

  1. I’m glad you’re pursuing this, because yoga is really not about talent or body type, but about progress! I’m slender and strong but quite inflexible, so I’ve found a lot of satisfaction by improving my balance and flexibility. I can understand why a class would be really hard for anyone new to their practice, because although the point is very much NOT to compare yourself to others but rather to focus on your own practice…let’s be real – that’s HARD! I’d better stop typing before I write a novel, but I’d lot to chat more about it if you have a strong interest…even though I’m not an expert, I’m a big believer in the benefits of yoga and learning about your own body!

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