Vegetables in a Pan

Yesterday I was crabby and cranky to the nth degree. Due to my craptastic attitude, I didn’t appreciate last night’s dinner. It was, of course, great.

Since Wednesday is CSA day in these parts, Wolf made a stirfry of sorts. He put some butter in the pan and fried up some garlic. Then he added rainbow chard and the unidentified green, green beans, and kept adding vegetables till the pan was stuffed full. I made some corn on the grill to add. Lastly he put some Parmesan cheese to give it some spunk. It could’ve used something else to add to the flavor but neither of us could figure out what that “something else” was.

We had some incredible bread Wolf got at the Canterbury Farmers Market along with some butter I made earlier in the day. Overall, it was a great meal using lots of vegetables. There’s plenty left over for today so we both will have some for lunch.

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