Tomorrow is Lammas, the day we celebrate the harvest. Though Wolf and I have been very lax in our spiritual practice the last year, it was something he and I (especially I) have missed. To be able to worship again was like a cool glass of water on a hot day.

Wolf and I went to the house of a woman we know, Stormi. She was there with her sister, brother, and spouses. These are people Wolf and I have known for the last bunch of years but we’ve never been able to get our schedules to coincide so we could worship together. She planned a small ceremony for me to find “gainful employment” and for her siblings to find adequate housing. Though she didn’t intend it to be a Lammas ritual, serendipitously it ended up being one for the fact we used fruit in the ritual (for fruitful returns to our requests) and because we realized it was the 31st of July. Pulling together a Lammas ritual in two days wouldn’t’ve done justice to the holyday so we celebrated impromptu-ly.

After the ritual we drummed around the fire, talked, joked, planned. When Heather said it was midnight I was shocked at how fast the night had gone and how not-tired I was. I could’ve stayed there all night playing and talking.

A little music for you to get into the Lammas mood.

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