Patchwork Afghan II

Maybe I’ve mentioned this, I don’t remember, but I’m putting together another patchwork afghan. This one won’t be as colorful as the one I made for Wolf because I don’t have yarn in a variety of hues like I did the last time.

I started to put it together the other night so I wouldn’t run into the same problems I did the last time. You’re gonna have to login to Ravelry to see the process in which I put it together and the notes I took on it. My account name is h0wlinghill (zero not an “o”).

At first I was going to give Patchwork Afghan II to a friend but then our friendship died so now I don’t know whom to give it to now. I’m thinking I may do a raffle here on HH and give the proceeds to a local charity. Or maybe I’ll give it to a reader through a lottery. What do you think?

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