The Boredom that Comes with Unemployment

To say I’ve been bored these last few months is quite an understatement. At first I kept busy with blogs, tweets, books, and yarn but even those are starting to wear on me. And when I start to get bored I start to get destructive. I’m trying really hard not to descend into destruction. That, of course, is taking a fair amount of energy.

It’s been a beautiful summer and I know I should be out exercising but I’m not. I’m holed up in my house, bored out of my mind, with an aching back and neck. When I remember to I do some of the heavyweight yoga I talked about in July. But to motivate myself to go out for a walk isn’t going to happen. It’s one of the primary reasons I like having dogs. They make you go out and walk whether you want to or not.

(I took a sleeping pill last night. Today I’m all fucked up from it. My brain is barely functioning. That’s why this post is so choppy and abrupt.)

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