For the last bunch of months — maybe a year — Harley has been hungry. And I mean HUNGRY. No matter what Wolf and I feed him he still wants more. And despite all the extra food he gets (yogurt, sour creme, chicken, cheese, pork, fish…) he doesn’t gain any weight. He’s not losing any either which is good, but the constant hunger has raised some flags for us.

In July I treated him for worms because I thought that may be the problem. It wasn’t. His hunger continued unabated. He still wakes us at 3a to be fed. He still trips us every time we go into the kitchen. He meows for food constantly.

Today I took him to the vet. Apparently he has hyperthyroidsim. This explains the constant hunger and the inability to gain weight.

Treatment is available through medication twice a day or through surgical removal of the thyroid. Harley is somewhere between 11 and 13. I don’t think either will improve his QUALITY of life. Trying to shove a pill down his throat won’t be pleasant for any of us and surgery just not an option.

So what are your suggestions? Have you had a cat with hyperthyroidism before? How did you treat it?

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2 Responses to Harley

  1. Linda Dionne says:

    My dog has this and he gets a pill everyday that I put in his food. maybe there is liquid med to put in your cats food. My dog is 12 and no way is it time to give up He has a very good quality of life. Your cat can too. I don’t recommend the surgery when there are meds that work.

  2. teri says:

    my cat was diagnosed with this at about 15 years of age

    the pills are really not that big of a deal, he didn’t like them but dealt with them just fine

    there is also the possibility of giving the drug transdermally (through the skin) – it comes preloaded in syringes, and you wear a finger cot so as not to dose yourself, squeeze out the appropriate amount, and rub it into his inner ear

    we ended up switching to the transdermal application – he seemed to mind it less, but there was only one place in our town where i could get it

    it’s worth asking your vet about it, though

    my boy lived to a ripe old age of 17, and had really good quality of life up until a couple weeks before the end

    for whatever the advice from a complete stranger is worth, i would treat it (or at least try, and see how it goes)

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