Wolf and I have been well aware there’s been a drought all summer here in central New Hampshire. We’ve been good about not wasting water. Apparently not good enough, though. It seems our well has gone dry.

I noticed the other day when the washer was taking a wicked long time to fill. I didn’t think much of it because it’s been on the brink lately so I’ve been really careful about using the washer in the first place. Then yesterday I turned on the faucet and water dribbled out, then…nothing.

Wolf came home from work and I told him what happened. It was getting near dark so we left the investigation until this morning. We went down to the wellhead to find the pump making a strange sound. When we lifted the cap off it we saw how low the water table way, way below the pump. Wolf then shut off the electricity to the pump so we wouldn’t waste electricity and so the pump won’t burn out.

Because I’m adaptable, I’ve gotten in touch with my inner Girl Scout (I’m not a lesbian, Hans Zeiger. I am, however, vehemently pro-choice.) by using a small amount of cool water to wash dishes. Wolf got in touch with his inner Boy Scout and made me a composting toilet. While peeing outside has never been an issue for me, my bowels tend to get shy (cuz I know you wanted to know that) so the “toilet” was … important (I shy from using “necessity”) for my colon health.

Out behind the woodshed now has a completely different meaning

My new bathroom

We have some old pots in our storage unit. I’ll bring the biggest one home to use as a chamberpot at night. I ain’t creeping into the woods at 2a to pee, dammit. Even I have limits.

There is not much we can do until it rains, Noah style. There will be no showering (whimper) and lots of bottled water buying (hate) until the well fills again. I just hope it does so before the winter. I won’t live without running water all winter long. No fucking way.

Tell me, how would you cope if you ran out of water?

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3 Responses to Waterless

  1. I don’t myself have anything interesting to say because I’ve never had a problem getting access to water. A friend of mine lives on a sailboat though and recently posted about having a finite water supply on the boat, and I thought it was pretty interesting: http://www.forestandfin.com/2010/08/a-finite-water-supply/ …It’s equally interesting to hear about how you’re coping with your circumstances…Here’s to rain soon!

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