Without Water

Today marks the fifth day without water here on Howling Hill. Wolf and I are adapting to this new way of living though I’ve made it perfectly clear to him I will not live here in the winter without water. I can do it in the warm months but not in the cold, frozen months.

At first Wolf was going down to Hannaford to buy bottled water but then we remembered there’s a fresh water site up in Bristol so we’ve been going there instead (it’s free). Regardless of where we travel to get water, we have to drive at least 10 miles. This is because there is no access to fresh drinking water closer to HH. There is the Pemigawasset River but it’s highly polluted.

We’re averaging a few gallons of water use a day. We cut back on cooking, cleaning (dishes and our bodies), and the amount of water we give the chickens.

While at the water site in Bristol we’ve met many other people who have said they are out of water. They live in the same town or surrounding towns and each (including us) has a dug well (as opposed to an artisian/driven). This tells us the water table is really low for the entire area. That makes sense considering we’ve had one of the driest seasons on record.

The two biggest “problems” about this whole thing is 1. washing the dishes and 2. taking a shower. Washing the dishes is just so much of a pain in the butt without running water. Like I said we’ve cut back on the cooking. When there are dishes to be done I’ve been heating water in a big canning pot. As for showers, I’ve either not showered at all (just taken cat baths) or gone to a friends house. Wolf has been cat bathing and taking showers at work. Yesterday Wolf took pity on me (I was whining on Twitter how much I wanted a shower), went to Suckmart, and bought a shower for me.

Once I put some hot water into it it worked pretty well. However, there isn’t enough water pressure to wash my hair so Wolf is going to help me do it tonight. Tt’s been about 3 weeks since I washed it. (I don’t wash it every day anymore.). Before Friday I wet every day when I showered, I just didn’t use any cleanser on it except on Sundays.

Taken in April when I had 10 inches cut off.

Since my hair is long it takes a few minutes of rinsing to get all of the cleanser out. I’ve begun to realize how much water waste there is with showering. As much as I wish I could say I’d give it up, I know that’s a lie. There is nothing I love more than a long, scalding hot shower. It is probably my biggest guilty please environmentally aside from my car.

Earlier in the week Wolf called a well guy to come out and check to make sure the problem was a lack of water and not something with the well itself or the pump. We found the well is 7.5 feet deep and had six inches of water in it on Monday. Since there is nothing wrong with the well or the pump we know the problem is the lack of rain. So everyone start praying for a week of easy soaking rain. We don’t want Noah style because that’ll cause flooding which won’t do us any good.

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7 Responses to Without Water

  1. jayedee aka ntiveheart says:

    you have my sympathy! (and then some)

    after we got hit, a few years ago, with three back to back hurricanes, we were without power, and therefore water, for like three weeks. not fun! but, being in florida, we at least had the rain to shower in and could catch enough water for our daily needs.

    sending prayers and positive thoughts for a good resolution in your situation!!

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Thanks Jayedee! I hear there’s rain in Rochester, NY so I’m working up some energy to pull it this way.

  3. What a pita…. But be careful that you give the ladies what they need. If they do not have enough fresh water they can go into a molt and stop laying.

    ‘Round here we’re lucky, we’re close to the water table, but our pond is down so very low – down a good 12 feet and dropping every day. Such a weird experience after the flooding we had last year, eh?

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  6. Park Homes says:

    People are use to turn the faucet on and the water suddenly comes out. Is like switching on the light, we are so use to it to happen. But is when you don’t have it when you realise how comfortable we are use to live. Water shouldn’t be something hard to get, some should do something about it. Plus, probably the fact that you have to go to take water somewhere else makes you waste a lo of money in petrol. I understand what you mean, during the summer its ok, but having a shower in those conditions during the winter is not human. Good luck!

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