Just woke up from a dream. I wanted to get it down before I forgot.

Was with Tina Fey. She was taking me and someone else into NYC. The other person was some artist, an obnoxius one. Tina and artist went into a couple coffee shops to get the shop to put up posters or something. The first one they went into the artist created a scene so I went outside to wait. The second coffee shop was the same so I stayed outside so not to be embarrassed.

The artist faded away. Tina and I were joined by a third woman. We were driving into NYC. I said “I didn’t know you could get to the city this way.” There was a 50 cent toll to pay but Tina didn’t want to pay it. Instead, she drove along the East River (can you do that? I don’t know NYC or the surrounding suburbs at all) then took a left. I said “We’re getting closer to the city. The houses look the same and are really close together.” Tina then took the car and made it fly which scared the shit out of me so she wouldn’t have to pay the toll.

We flew to this big rock where we had to get out of the car. We walked along the rock and met all these other people. There was a big lake to our left. Along the shore was all these houses. Not wicked nice but suburban houses like those along Alewife Brook Parkway. I looked and saw all these dolphins coming up on the rocks. I asked if the lake/river was connected to the ocean. Tina said she didn’t think so. I asked how the dolphins got there then. She didn’t have an answer.

To get back to the car (or whatever was our next destination) we had to climb down the rockface. There were no stairs. Instead, it was rock climbing without safety equipment. There was this one part of the rockface where it was carved with pillars or something. People were climbing up it. I had to wait for a teeny, tiny little old Italian lady to come up. I reached down and grabbed her hand and pulled her up like a small child. She thanked me in Italian (I think it was Italian. I don’t speak it.) Then I climbed down.

Next we had to queue up so we could get across the river. While waiting me met a guy who Tina knew to be a bad guy, like a pedophile or something. A mother with her child was asked by the man if she would like him to take her and her kid across and she said yes. Tina stepped in and said something to the woman so she changed her mind and took her kid to be with Tina. The guy was pissed and asked me my name. I said it was Maureen (that’s not my name). He tried to sell me some coffee or something. He gave me a pamplet.

He fades away. I’m still standing in line. Like when we were flying and when I was descending the rock, I was wicked nervous. Tina and the 100 or so other people thought I was being silly, that this mode of transportation and path into the city was normal. I didn’t run away, even when it was time to cross the East River on an inner tube. I took my boots and socks off, rolled up my pants. The rock I was standing on kept getting battered and jolting every time someone came from the other side. I was terrified. I got onto the inner tube and floated across. Then I woke up.

So I guess I have a lot of obstacles to overcome and I have to think of unique ways (that aren’t so unique) to get into the city. And I need to look up to Tina Fey because she is a trailblazer.

I guess?

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