Slides and Waves

I just woke up from another vivid dream.

I’m in York with Melissa and Nej (two women I used to be friends with). My extended family is also there but in the background. Us three women stand in line to climb a very big slide which will deliver us into the ocean. Nej quits half way up because she’s afraid of heights. Melissa and I keep going. She’s before me. She tells the slide people her name, then she goes down the slide. Everyone cheers for her. Now it’s my time. I tell my name and get on the slide. Instead of going into the ocean though, I slide for a long time, past houses, down dirt roads. I see a horse who’s being neglected and I take note to tell someone one. I see poverty. Finally I come out on a side street in York, one I didn’t realize was connected to the slide.

The dream changes. I’m still in York only now I’m on the beach with Melissa, my mother, and someone else. Though I know it’s York, it doesn’t look like York at all. We have to crawl over all these rocks to get to the water. I note the tides seems to be coming in and going out at the same time. The water is also really warm. I can’t wait to get into it. We’re sitting on the beach, Melissa and me, and my mother and the other person are sitting above us on some rocks. We notice how big the waves are getting. We see they are going to crash over us. I put myself against the rock and wait to take a deep breath. I see the wave go over me but feel nothing but a fine mist. The wave doesn’t crash like I think it should nor does it sweep us out to sea. I see another wave coming and do the same thing with the same result. Someone then comes up to me, an African-American guy, and says “we’re going to run out of oxygen. That’s how we’re all going to die. Lets go to the hospital and get some.”

We go to the hospital and a different African-American man is standing over a stretcher with a European-American woman on it. The man looks at me and says “she’s dead. Lets do CPR.” I check her carotid pulse and say “she’s not dead. She’s having a petite seizure. Go get a nurse.” He disappears. I’m with the patient trying to put a non-rebreather on her. I can’t find one at first. I find one then the O2 has no cone on it to connect the tubing of the NRB it. I’m getting really annoyed. Someone comes in and I say “I need a ___” (I made up a word for the cone to the O2). They kinda shrug me off. I continue to look for it all the while realizing I’ve abandoned the patient.

I find something I think I can jury rig to get the NRB blown up but it doesn’t really work. Someone hands me gloves that are too small and latex (I’m allergic to latex in real life). No one is coming to take care of this patient.

Next I’m in some room, maybe the cafeteria. Water is coming in and covering the floor. It’s coming and going like waves at the shore line.

I wake up.

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2 Responses to Slides and Waves

  1. Annette says:

    So much water…emotions…

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m not great at dream interpretation, but here’s what I get:

    I agree with Annette, water is emotions.

    The slide you were on, combined with the rocks you had to crawl over, makes me think there is an emotional block–or several, keeping you from really experiencing some strong emotion. And when you combine it with all of the talk of lack of breath, the woman who needs Oxygen, and your struggle to get it for her, makes me think of holding your breath, like you are waiting for something, holding back from some kind of flow very tightly. Often other people in a dream represent aspects of ourselves, so it is possible that the dream is about being very conflicted about this same emotional flow. Everything in the imagery suggests resistance to some kind of flow, with a lot of anxiety.

    The fact that once the huge wave hit you it was like mist, that the water was warm, that it was all in all gentler than you expected suggests that your resistance to this flow is what’s actually causing you suffering. If you surrender to it, you will probably have a better time of it than you think.

    And death, in dreams and in oracles, is often a transformation. Perhaps the woman in your dream who everyone said was dying, who you were so desperately trying to keep breathing, was an aspect of yourself that needs to be released in order to finally embrace the new things you want to see in your life.

    I don’t know if this is right on, just my impressions, I’d be interested to see what other peeps think of it!

    I’d also be interested to hear if you get any insight in to the dream.

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