Another Water Dream

This time I’m on the shore of a pond. There are ropes in the water and a red plastic thing floating. I’m supposed to throw a ball onto the red plastic thing (it’s flat, like a sheet, and floating). If I miss I have to swim to the ball and …retrieve it?

Johanna is there with a new baby, a girl named Hannah EE. Hannah EE is a six month old who can speak in full sentences. I find it a little creepy but Johanna thinks it’s great. Both Johanna and I are in the water. She’s holding Hannah EE and slowly dunking the baby underwater. Hannah EE asks Johanna to stop trying to drown her. Johanna says “I’m not trying to drown you. Why don’t you tell Howling Hill what the EE stands for.”

There was more to the dream, like me diving (or trying to. I don’t dive well because of all the weight I’ve gained), and swimming. Mostly I remember the creepy baby.

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