Mud Season

For the first time in months I can see the ground in my driveway. And, AND, it’s muddy. That’s right my friends, spring has come to NH.

Mud Season is that time between winter and spring. It’s when the snow melts under a bright sun but the air is still cool. There’s no wearing tshirts yet but you can hear and see the snow melting. And so comes the mud. The glorious mud. Mud means the ice and snow are going away. Mud means crocuses, daffodils, and shutting the heat off.

Maggie Mae says spring starts when the lambing does. For me, it’s when I see mud for the first time.

Mud, I hail thee!

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One Response to Mud Season

  1. Tamara says:

    Hi…sorry you’ve been dealing with depression. :( I went from blogging every day to not at all…missed it tho…so I started a fresh new blog last week and I’ve been having a blast. :) come on over and visit.

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