50 Gallons

Howling Hill is heated by a combination of kerosene and oil. The kerosene is mixed in to keep the oil from freezing in the bitter cold. Due to the limitations in heating choices (wood just isn’t feasible in our home) Wolf and I are very cognizant of how much oil/kero we use to heat our small home.

Generally, we don’t turn the heat on until around Thanksgiving and turn it off in March-ish. This winter, however, has been particularly long. The heat was turned on in October because of three wet, dreary, cold weeks. The damp got into our bones and we just couldn’t get it out. Now it’s April and still the heat is on. Winter has been hanging around for six months.

Despite keeping the temps pretty cool in the house, Wolf and I started getting really nervous the oil was going to run out. In the seven years we’ve been here we’ve NEVER run it from October to April. I called the oil company to come and deliver more. It’s not an expense we wanted but neither of us wanted the oil burner to crap out because it was running without any oil in it.

AD&G delivered earlier this week. They have a minimum of 100 gallon delivery so that’s what we got. Or so we thought. Apparently the tank only took 50 gallons. That means we only used 50 gallons since October of last year (the tank is 125 gallons I think). I am very proud of us!

Edited to add Well, I was wrong. We used more than 50 gallons. In fact, we used 100 gallons. That is, when AD&G delivered they put 50 gallons of kerosene and 50 gallons of oil, each. The tank is about 125 gallons I think so it seems we did use a lot of what was in there. This isn’t surprising considering how long and cold the winter was.

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One Response to 50 Gallons

  1. peppylady says:

    Isn’t kerosene costly? I’ve use kerosene in lamps before.
    It been a long winter here and the wood is ify at our home. But we have 3 different ways of heating…natural gas, electrical heat, and wood.

    Coffee is on

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