She Works Hard for the Money

For the last two weeks I’ve been temping at a nonprofit in Boston. I’ve been enjoying it though I wish I had a little more work. It’s a part time job, five hours a day, four days a week. However, I know the goddess has been looking out for me because she knows my brain shuts down when exhausted.

You see, I’m taking the bus from Concord to Boston four days a week. This keeps me from having to drive in the treacherous Boston traffic — and getting clutch knee — but I’m still getting up far earlier than I like. I have to be on the 7a bus to get to Boston by 9 which means I’m getting up around 5a, and still most days I make it just in time. I get the 3:15 bus back to Concord and get to the station around 5:30ish. It’s still almost an hour from the bus station to HH. Despite the short work day it’s still a long day for me overall.

For the last few months, I’ve said the same prayer over and over:

Great Mother Goddess
My need is great
But your power is greater
Please bequeth me a job in Boston making a living wage.
From this book

Like I said, this is a temp assignment. I’ll be here until the end of June (I think) if I don’t find a fulltime job before hand. I like it here so I don’t want to leave but if something comes my way…well, who am I to disregard the Goddess, ESPECIALLY when she’s answering my prayers?

Since working here my nightly prayer has changed slightly. Now instead of asking for a job I ask for someone to buy our house. Wolf and I are ready to move to Boston and start urban homesteading. In order to do so I need to be working full time and/or HH has to sell.

Over the last few months I’ve been so focused on finding a job I wasn’t asking the Goddess to find new people to live at our home. Now I am. Whenever I find my mind wandering I chant the above prayer.* After all, the Goddess sent me the exact type of job I wanted at the amount of hours she knew I could handle. I trust she’ll find new people to live on HH who will love it as much as Wolf and I do.

*I’m thinking of getting prayer beads to do so. If you have some handmade ones you’d like to trade for one of my knitted items, please comment or email me.

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