The Water Dream (Again)

Just woke up from having the water dream. This time, of course, it was different than the last bunch of times I’ve had it.

I was in York but of course it didn’t look like York at all. I was walking around by myself enjoying some of my favorite shops. I stopped into one place where I like to buy jewelry. I looked in the case and saw a magnet with my dad’s picture. There was another with my Nana P’s picture. The shop was dark and set up wrong. The person who ran it seemed to be gone. I kept going back to the magnets but the one of my grandmother was gone. I bought the one of my dad and some earrings then I stole a black bracelet.

Walking out of the store I looked around and realized I was lost. I wanted to get to my car but I couldn’t seem to despite it being not far from where I was. There were all these old houses and somehow I got stuck in their backyards. I wasn’t in York anymore, more like Ogunquit or Pigeon’s Cove. I kept trying to get out of the backyards and onto the main street so I could figure out how to get back to my car.

The tide was coming in. I noticed the water and waves were getting deeper and bigger. A horn started to sound and I looked up at the sky. Every time a big wave came the sky got dark and ominous. I could see the seawater being sucked up by the clouds.

There was a big wall that went up every time the horn blew to keep the water from destroying the old homes. Most of the homes were dilapidated and needed a lot of work. It was the “poor” section of town. It was all run down with lots of crap in the yards. The yards were overrun and I saw lots of cats.

Most of the houses had back stairs. As the tide came in I would run up the stairs with other people — strangers — so the waves would not sweep us out to sea.

I kept trying to check my email but somehow I was always in someone else’s gmail account. I couldn’t figure out how to log out and login to my own account. At one point I was in my cousin Rebecca’s email so I snooped to see if she sent any emails ABOUT me to anyone but couldn’t. Of course, I can’t read when I’m dreaming.

Out of nowhere Wolf comes and we’re trying to get back to the car. He brings an oxygen tank to help me breathe (I guess). I put the mask on and it helps but we’re still trying to navigate backyards with fences and lots and lots of stairs.

I find a dog, a small Westie with tags from Framingham. I try calling the number on the tag to tell the owners we have the dog. I can’t read the tag nor can I dial my phone. The waves are still coming in, the horn still blaring, the wall still going up and down to protect the townspeople from the water.

Wolf and I walk through an open area behind a bunch of houses. I see three siblings of my mother’s husband’s sister (that is, my step-cousins) and their kids who are all babies (in reality they are in high school). They ask about my aunts Linda and Laurel. I tell them about Amanda. The waves still come though the tide is starting to lessen.

I still cannot get back to my car. Wolf is not a part of the dream anymore. I am getting frustrated. I wake up.

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