In the thirty years I lived in Massachusetts (except those 3 months I lived in Florida) not one person I knew was murdered.

Not one.

Since moving to New Hampshire I’ve known two people to be murdered, both women. Molly was murdered by being shot in the face by her neighbor in 2010 and Evie had gasoline poured on her by her boyfriend then set on fire a few weeks back.

Molly worked at the Concord Feminist Health Center and was two weeks away from graduating from nursing school. Evie was a teacher, one who focused on teaching the learning disabled to read. She was so well loved in her school system the community insisted her position be funded for another year so she wouldn’t get laid off.

Why were these two lovely women taken so violently from this world? Obviously I will never have an answer to this question.

While I may not know “why” these atrocious events occurred, I do believe it’s because violence is so accepted across the world. Children are taught nothing but wars in their history classes. On the news it’s not news unless it bleeds. The newspapers aren’t much better. The mantra of the news media is, after all, “if it bleeds it leads.” TV is filled with crimes shows and cop shows. Cartoons are just as violent.

Guns are everywhere.

Hate abounds.

Lets change hate to love.

Lets eliminate guns.

Lets devalue war and destruction.

Lets make domestic violence a capital offense.

Lets hold the media responsible for what they show us.

Lets clean up the TV shows.

And lets love until no one remembers what hate and fear are.

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2 Responses to Murder

  1. … and then there’s the unimaginable in Norway. So, to your list I would add … right up there at the top … religious fundamentalism. It’s way past time to start dialing it back on that front!

  2. How terrible. The friend of a dear friend was stabbed dozens of times, by a horrible man, a couple of weeks ago. She made it thank gods; she is a fighter and a very intelligent young woman. Domestic violence is a terrible thing, and the world is in need of serious education and a lot of love.

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