While walking down State Street in Boston this morning I went splat. One minute I was walking along at a good pace and the next I was on the ground with an ankle at an odd angle. Thankfully a young man asked if I was ok and helped me up.

At first I put my head on the blue mailbox because the nausea was unbearable. Then I managed to hobble over to some stairs and sit down. I was convinced I was going to spew all over the place. I broke out into a cold sweat and a ringing in my ears was louder than the thumping of the pain in my ankle.

I’ve been through this a million times with this ankle. Wolf thinks I have gremlins living in it. I think it’s been compromised over the years from repeated sprains. You see, it’s always the left ankle. Always.

The other day while at Lammas with the New England Pagans & Witches, the leader of the group, Fyre, said Mercury would be in retrograde this month. She said to look out for problems in communication and travel. Well, the very day Mercury retrograded (is that a word?) I went splat on the sidewalk. If this is any indication of what’s to come I’m doomed over the next few weeks.

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One Response to Splat

  1. Soli says:

    It always seems like there is one retrograde of the year to outdo the others. Even before the shadow of this one hit, I was feeling it come. Yikes.

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