American Jobs Act

President Obama’s speech about the jobs bill he proposed last night was on too late so I watched it this morning. I agree teachers and construction workers needs to be put back to work and taxes on wealthy individuals and corporations need to increase. He spoke of updating and maintaining highways and increasing public transportation which are both great places to start. But he’s kept harping on how “competitive” the market is and how the US has to “compete” with other nations. I don’t think competition is the way to go. It’s an outmoded model of economics.

To me what he was saying by harping on competition is those of us who are failing in this economy, well it’s our fault because we’re not competitive enough, that we aren’t trying hard enough. This is, of course, total bullshit. I’ve been working my ass off trying to find a full time job since 2006. The only time I found such a job I made $10/hr. I haven’t made a wage that little since 1987. Every day I spend on Monster, Boston.con,,, and looking for jobs. I have sent out at least 1000 resumes. Sometimes I get an interview but most times I don’t. And after an interview, when I don’t get The Call, I feel ashamed, useless, depressed, and fatigued. Time and again my brain has run in circles keeping me awake at night wondering what’s wrong with me, why I am so undesirable employment wise. I try hard not to take the rejection in the form of silence personally but it’s getting harder and harder as the bills pile up higher and higher.

Competition creates a binary process: winners and losers. I’ve been both. I know the joy and elation of winning and the sorrow and shame of losing. And you know what? Neither makes me feel all the good in the end. The reason why is because I do not need to “win” to feel good about myself. I do not need someone else to “lose” in order for me to gain self confidence and self esteem. And I don’t appreciate the winners who gloat. Getting a finger in my face from the winner as s/he says “YOU LOSE” is not a way to induce me to play the game again nor is totally ignoring me.

So I would’ve like to see Obama speak more progressively about jobs creation and the economy about creating green jobs nationwide, putting the middle class back to work and opening the door for more of us to become middle class. I would’ve liked him to forgive student loans as a way to stimulate the economy, to end corporate welfare, and to bring the troops home from foreign wars.

I can’t imagine the economy is going to change in 2011 or 2012 for that matter. I foresee it pretty much staying the same. And what a sad statement that is.

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