These last few weeks I’ve been glued to my Twitter feed following OccupyWallSt and OccupyBoston. I’m glad to report OccupyNH will start this coming Saturday at Noon in Manchester’s Veteran’s Park.


Commuting from Howling Hill to Boston everyday for $12/hr is not a good way to be spending my time, not to mention that $12/hr does not pay the mortgage, gas, food, bus tickets, nor the student loans. Further, I cannot access the healthcare system because of the outrageous costs of healthcare. The system is skewed towards self-denial of care due to the high costs of routine medical care. My student loans have overwhelmed my budget. I am having to cut back on my grocery budget because it’s the only place where cuts can be made. Oh, and let us not forget that three wars are being fought overseas to the detriment of our economy, health, and well being. The home fires are no longer burning. Unless you mean burning with rage.

So, in short, here is why I occupy

  • Re-creation of middle class jobs
  • Single payer healthcare
  • Forgiveness of student loans
  • Ending the wars.

To say I’m excited is an understatement. I do not know how the police will respond to our occupation. After reading reports of police tactics in NYC and Boston, I am very nervous. But that won’t stop me. If anything, the nervousness will propel me further.

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