On Anonymity

When I decided to branch out into Twitter I kept the same level of anonymity I was accustomed to here on this blog. After all, I didn’t see any reason to come out of the blog closet. This anonymity was never a problem until OccupyNH came to fruition. You see, prior to OccupyNH no one I know actually reads my blog or my tweets. I have readers all over the country but no one I personally know reads it or, if they do, they have never said anything to me.

Yesterday at OccupyNH someone tweeted asking who I was. I didn’t answer. Later in the day someone asked a group if they knew who Howling Hill was. I didn’t want to come out of the closet either time so to speak. And I still don’t. But I know there are many who know who I am, who could point out to you “HH is over there.” So I ask you please, do not out me. I will come out on my own, at my own time, and at my own pace. If someone asks you to point me out, please decline to do so saying something like “HH has asked that her identity be kept anonymous and I’m going to respect her wishes.” And, as always, please, no pictures of me.

Thank you all for respecting my wishes.

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